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Thinking about traveling in Japan and want to see the images of Japan that the rest of the world doesn’t know about whilst being guided by an expert tour leader? Wilderness Adventures Limited will take you there.
The tours we offer are ‘outdoor’ based activity holidays, we feel this is where the real Japan is still alive and well, and where newcomers to Japan will most benefit from the local knowledge of our experienced guides. Our small groups will give you the freedom to explore by yourself (that’s where the best experiences are often had!), whilst always taking away the worries of transport, meals and accommodation. In the cities, you can get around with English, but in the rural areas and mountains the fluency of your tour leader in spoken and written Japanese will be an essential back-up for you in your interactions with Japan on their terms in their backyard.
With clients from all round the world we recommend that you arrange your international flights from your own home country. From arrival in Japan you will be met by our representative at a predetermined point and you join the tour until your departure. The package price includes your land costs, which means all your transportation costs, accommodation costs and meal costs where specified. You get yourself there, and leave the rest to us!
Our tours are led by one of the following 3 guides, all certified Japanese-aholics whose enthusiasm for all things Japan has taken all over Japan and round the world. When we are not guiding English speaking visitors to Japan we are guiding Japanese tourists through NZ, Australia, Greece and Switzerland, or even writing hiking books on Japan for Lonely Planet.

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