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Southern Island Adventures - David Joll

Day 1:
Meet at Narita Airport. Transfer by train to downtown Tokyo.
Experience first hand a range of typical Tokyo nightlife.

Day 2:
Catch a commuter train to the western edge of the world’s biggest metropolis for a day hike at Tokao-san, one of Japans most famous,
and most popular hiking locations.

Day 3:
Fly to Ishigaki-jima, in Japan’s most southern prefecture, Okinawa.
Transfer by boat to Iriomote-jima, the home of Japan’s last remaining
jungle frontier.

Day 4:
Jungle boat cruise and day hike to the interior of the island.

Day 5:
A free day to Explore Iriomote’s jungle further, or to try out some of
the numerous outdoor activities offered on the island.

Day 6:
Return to Ishigaki-jima. Feel the Okinawan vibe as you stroll around the streets of Ishigaki city.

Day 7:
Island hop by ferry to Taketomi-jima to explore
The town that time forgot or scramble to the top of Omote-dake(526m)
Ishigaki-jima’s highest mountain.

Day 8:
Fly to Fukuoka – Check out the gateway to Kyushu. With a population of 1.4
million, Fukuoka has a vibrant yet relaxed port city atmosphere.
Sample the local cuisine at the famous river side food stalls that
magically appear as the sun goes down.

Day 9:
Travel east by local train to Hiko-san. Enjoy a fascinating day hike around
one of Kyushu’s most historical pilgrim trails. Relax after the hike in a hot
spring at the base of Hiko-san at a traditional Japanese hot spring inn.

Day 10:
Take a local train and bus to Kurokawa-onsen – hot spring heaven. If you
have not already fallen in love with Japan, this small town found in a
sleepy mountain valley, will do it for you. With its pure Japanese
architecture, clean, narrow streets, kimono clad visitors and locals,
and its fine Japanese style lodgings and food, Kurokawa-onsen is one of
Japan’s real treasures.

Day 11:
Day hike to the summit of Kuju-san (1787m), mainland Kyushu’s highest
peak. Transfer to Yufuin.

Day 12:
Day hike to the summit of Yufu-dake (1584m), otherwise known as Bungo
(old name for the area) Fuji due to its resemblance to the real Mt Fuji. The
trail brings you right back to Yufuin, for a well deserved soak in one of the
town’s therapeutic open air thermal baths. The town itself is a very
pleasant place to explore, with many stylish shops, galleries and cafes in a
park like setting around a lovely lake.

Day 13:
Ride in style on a scenic train through Kyushu’s lush green country side
back to Fukuoka. Change trains here to the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) and
ride at roof top level through the intensely industrialised Inland Sea
corridor, to Hiroshima.

Day 14:
Cross by ferry to Miya-jima to climb Misen (530m) and explore the island’s
fascinating mix of World Heritage designated natural, historical and
architectural wonders.

Day 15:
A Free day to visit Hiroshima’s Peace Park and the A-Bomb memorial
museum and explore the city, or to venture north of the city to hike
in the wilderness-like area of Sandan-kyo, famous for its pristine rivers and
waterfalls, and its stunning displays of autumn colour.

Day 16:
Catch the Shinkansen to Osaka where the tour concludes.