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Japan Alps Adventure

A 6-day 65km hike the length of the North Alps from Tateyama in the north to Kamikochi in the south.
One departure – late July to early August.
Minimum number 4, maximum number 8.
A good level of fitness is required for this hike.
This six- or seven-day hike the length of the North Alps can be considered the ultimate hike in Japan. Any Japanese outdoors enthusiast will confirm it. Although long, it is not especially hard and no technical skills or special gear are required. The hike’s start at Murodo is at 2450m, the maximum altitude reached is 3190m at Oku-hotaka-dake (the third-highest peak in Japan), and we won’t drop below 2000m until the final day when we descend into Kamikochi at 1500m. Don’t expect too many people on the track between Tate-yama and Yakushi-dake, but we’ll meet more as we get closer to Kamikochi.

Day 1: we’ll meet and have dinner in Tokyo before taking an overnight bus from Shinjuku (10:30pm) all the way to Murodo (Tateyama), arriving at 7:15am, in good time to start hiking on Day 2.

Day 2: Murodo to Goshiki-ga-hara
6–7 hours, 10km, 950m ascent, 900m descent
Highlight: hike up to the summit of Onanji-yama, the highest point of the Tate-yama peaks at 3015m. The views are stunning!

Day 3: Goshiki-ga-hara to Yakushi-dake-sanso
8–10 hours, 14km, 1150m ascent, 950m descent
Highlight: climbing Yakushi-dake, one of Japan’s 100 Famous Mountains, named after the Buddhist deity for healing.

Day 4: Yakushi-dake-sanso to Kurobegoro-goya
6–8 hours, 12km, 650m ascent, 850m descent
Highlight: climbing another of the 100 Famous Mountains, Kurobegoro-dake at 2840m.

Day 5: Kurobegoro-goya to Yari-ga-take
8–10 hours, 12km, 1100m ascent, 550m descent
Highlight: knock off Japan’s 5th highest peak, ‘Yari’ (3180m), at the end of a long satisfying day.

Day 6: Yari-dake-sanso to Hotaka-dake-sanso
6–8 hours, 8km, 600m ascent, 700m descent
Highlight: hike through the legendary Diakiretto, a hole in the ridge line that is Japan’s most exhilarating bit of hiking that doesn’t require specialist skills.

Day 7: Hotaka-dake-sanso to Kamikochi
5–6 hours, 9km, 200m ascent, 1600m descent
Highlight: after climbing Oku-Hotaka-dake (3rd highest in Japan at 3190m), make the long descent into the beautiful resort village of Kamikochi for the night.

Day 8: We’ll do some short walks around Kamikochi before taking the 2:00pm bus back to Shinjuku, arriving at 7:00pm. (if we’ve been slowed up along the way, we’ll have this morning to get in to Kamikochi in time for the bus).